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  • A louse is one bug, lice are plural and nits are the lice eggs
  • Lice are wingless bugs that range in size from as small as a pencil point to the size of a small ant
  • Lice have 6 legs with claws at the end designed to cling to the hair shaft
  • An adult female louse can lay 3-5 waterproof, hard to remove nits 2 times a day
  • Lice do not live on our pets, do not burrow and they must be on a human head in order to survive
  • Nits, once removed from the head are harmless

Day 0
A nit, the egg of the louse, is laid on the shaft of a hair. Nits that come off the hair are harmless and cannot infect a new person.
Days 7-10
Nits hatch 7-10 days from when they are laid. When a louse is first hatched it is called a nymph.
Days 9-20
The nymphs shed their outer shell (exoskeletal system) 3 times before the bug is an adult. The nymphs will very rarely leave their host’s head until mature and fertilized.
Days 17-20
A female adult only needs to be fertilized 1 time and is fertile for life.
Days 18-22
The female lays her 1st eggs 1-2 days after being fertilized. She can lay 3-5 eggs twice a day for the next 14-16 days. She can lay up to 200 eggs in her lifetime. If a fertilized louse moves onto a new head, the fertilized louse may thrive and lay nits almost immediately. She may not survive the blood type of the new host and die leaving behind a few hard to detect viable nits that will hatch to thrive.
Days 32-38
The louse dies having lived 32-38 days since being laid as a nit.

Detection & Prevention

Detection – It’s important to know what to look for and how to find lice and/or nits

  • Check clean dry hair in sunlight or bright indoor light
  • Inspect small sections of hair 1/4" - 2" from the scalp
  • Look for tiny unmovable teardrop shaped nits, varying from cream to brown, on hair shaft
  • If head lice are found treat properly and tell school, friends and family to perfrom head checks
  • Perfrom weekly head checks

How to do a combing head check - For a more thorough search

  • Perform on wet hair and make sure it is free of tangles
  • Section hair by clipping hair on top of the head leaving 3-4” of hair down in the back of the head at the nape of the neck
  • Start combing by gently scraping the comb along the scalp and dragging the comb all the way to end of hair shaft-----comb in 4 directions
  • Wipe the metal comb clean on a white paper towel after every few strokes
  • Inspect paper towel for nits or head lice
  • Let the next 3"-4” of hair down and continue combing and wiping the comb on the paper towel
  • Complete the combing throughout the head
  • If head lice are found treat properly and tell school, friends and family to perform head checks a few more times for a period of 3 weeks

The Great Clean Up

The concern is with live adult lice for the house cleanup. After treating with The Nit Nanny Lice Solution Treatment an individual should not have any
live lice and the house cleaning needs to be done only once.

Your house is not the source of a re-infestation. However, you must take care of the checklist below so that the treatment can be successful.


The following items go in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat

  • Special stuffed animals and blankets
  • Bed linens, comforters, blankets, towels
  • Any clothes in the laundry and on the floor
  • Coats, hats, hoody sweatshirts, sweaters (anything that has been worn in the last 3 days)
  • Dress up clothes

Things to Vacuum

  • Cloth sofas and chairs
  • Cloth car seats
  • Any large pillows that can't go in the dryer
  • Carpets where kids lay on around the TV, bedroom, and playroom
  • Carpets that clothes may be laying on

School/Camp Support

  • Does your school or camp invite speakers?
  • Lice Lifters would like to offer your school or camp a free Head Lice Education program
  • This educational program and demonstration is 30 minutes long
  • Informative handouts are given to every attendee
  • We use The Lice Lifters Treatment that safely and effectively kills 99.2% of nits and 87% of live head lice
  • We are the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of The Nit Nanny® Lice Solution Treatment, a completely natural and safe treatment that eliminates live lice

We do head checks!

  • We bring a team of trained and experienced head lice checkers to your school or camp
  • Whole school or camp head lice screenings or partial spot checks by class or bunk as needed
  • Follow up with parents to ensure they are being treated safely and properly



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