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Are Lice In Your Head Instead Of On It?

Are lice in your head instead of on it?

It’s bad enough to find out you have head lice but when you finally get rid of them you fear they are still there. At Lice Lifters® we say the “lice are in your head instead of on it”. Once you have experienced head lice whether it was on you or your kids you have a heightened sense of awareness. We often have moms call after they are treated because they feel “itchy”, think they see “something”, have been combing their children’s hair every day or continue their laundry and extensive house cleaning.

It’s common to be itchy after being treated since the lice bites can take up to one week to heal. No need to panic and check your kids everyday, our weekly follow up with a combing head check is all you need.

Lice are not living in your house! They can’t survive off of a human host for more than 24-36 hours. After treating with The Nit Nanny® Lice Solution Treatment the firsttime you are not contagious.

The truth is that the Lice Lifters Triple Threat Treatment is thorough and successful. Our reputation depends on it. Lice Lifters of Bucks County is here to help you.

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