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Keeping Your Kids Lice Free

With the leaves turning colors, autumn is one of the most picturesque times of the year, and it’s also one of the most exciting with the anticipation of the holidays ahead. As a parent, with kids having returned to school, you know it’s also a time for fall sports. Football and field hockey are among the favorites, but whatever they play, it means plenty of contact with other children. With about 12 million reported lice outbreaks each year in the United States, you may need to be concerned about them acquiring more than just new friendships this time of year.


Prevention is a large part of the battle when combating the tiny, parasitic insects that are head lice. These bugs, about the size of a sesame seed, are most commonly spread by direct head-to-head contact. They can also be spread by one of your kids sharing a hat, helmet or other headgear with an infested kid. The first thing you should do, then, is tell your kids to minimize any touching of their hair with that of their friends because you never know who may be infested with lice.

As a parent, you need to make sure your children have their own headgear and other clothing for any fall sports they play. Also, tell them not to touch heads with other players during a huddle in game. If any of your children have long hair, you should definitely tell them to tie it up or braid it back so unwelcome company can’t grasp onto it.


Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, problems we’re on the lookout for still catch us by surprise. The first thing you should realize is that lice are not known to transmit diseases and are more a nuisance than anything. That said, they’re a nuisance that your loved ones do not need to put up with because there is a safe, effective, affordable solution to this problem.


If you think any of your loved ones may have head lice, please bring them to your nearest Lice Lifters franchise location. One of our certified lice technicians will do a head check to confirm lice is the problem, and then we perform a thorough comb-out with a specialized comb. The final step at our head lice removal company is to rinse their hair and scalp with an all-natural, non-toxic solution that is deadly to lice.

If your loved ones have failed to prevent lice from making a home on their head, our certified lice technicians will handle this problem for you quickly and easily, so don’t suffer with this situation in 2018 when it simply isn’t necessary. Best of all, our lice treatment is completed in a single visit, and then your kids can get back to playing their favorite fall sports with the rest of the family watching and cheering them on.

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