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Spring Has Sprung And So Have Lice

The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer. Everyone is getting out more to socialize even LICE! The children are playing outdoors, and parents chat in the driveway with cups of coffee making plans to get together for the weekend. Whether playing organized team sports, taking trips to the jungle gym, or taking a cruise on a bicycle, children come in close contact with other kids. Winter months don’t mean lice are obsolete, just not quite as prevalent. With spring break soon, we all hope to be surrounded by friends and family.
It’s typical to see a surge of lice outbreaks at specific times throughout the year and spring break is a peak time. Spring break is a peak time for head lice because lice are spread mostly through head-to-head contact and sharing personal items that go on the head.
Fun is being had by all and no one thinks about lice. It just takes a second for a strand of hair to touch another strand of hair, and a louse quickly crawls from one head to the next. Lice choose their next victim by the sense of smell and blood type then someone gets lice.

As soon as one family member or friend from the gathering discovers lice everyone will think they have lice. Not knowing if they even have lice, but just hearing the word “lice” everyone becomes itchy. The phones are pulled out and the Googling begins on how to get rid of lice.
Calls are made to their family physicians! Unfortunately, there is too much wrong information on the internet and Doctors are not taught how to get rid of lice in medical school. The common factor is everyone will be told to use Nix, Rid, and other OTC pesticide products. These pesticide products no longer work. Lice have grown resistant to pesticides. It is also like pouring RAID on your child’s head. We now know the dangers of pesticides and how to treat safely and do better for our families.

So you may be asking yourself “then how am I getting rid of these lice”? Well, the first thing you do is call Lice Lifters! The best way to get rid of lice is to go to a Lice Lifters All Natural lice removal treatment center. Unfortunately, many lice treatment centers including some Lice Lifters locations closed due to the pandemic. Children not being in school and staying home stopped the spreading of lice. No one thought of lice for over 2 years, but now Lice are back. The fear is that there are no Lice Lifters near you and you have to get rid of the lice yourself. The internet lists ways to get rid of lice at home, but these techniques can be time-consuming and still not get rid of all of the lice and eggs. In a couple of weeks, the eggs have hatched and your family has lice again.

The Internet is full of great information. However, when it comes to head lice it can be contradicting, confusing, and full of outdated or dangerous information that can waste time, money & precious energy. At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers we use Lice Lifters Treatment Products and these are available for everyone to use at home! The links below are to purchase everything you need: 1 Lice Lifters Treatment Kit and additional bottles of Lice Lifters Solution need to be purchased separately. Most females need 2 bottles and males need 1 bottle of Lice Lifters Solution. The directions are included if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will talk you through the treatment.

Lice Lifters has made their treatment available for everyone to use at home because we know how frustrating lice can be. Very clear directions are included and we are always here at Lice Lifters to answer your emails and calls with questions. There are just too many unsafe treatments out there along with those that just don’t work. Lice Lifters Treatment works all of the time if the directions are followed along with enough of Lice Lifters Solution is used.

Lice Lifters treats the lifespan of the nit.  It is easy to get rid of the lice, but the nits are tricky. The treatment kit includes 1 Lice Lifters micro-grooved nit and lice removal comb, 1 bottle of Lice Lifters plant-based mousse that removes nits and bugs, 1 bottle of All-Natural Lice Lifters Solution that kills all live activity in addition to very clear easy directions. Additional bottles of Solution will be needed for long, thick hair and other family members, all the information you need is provided in the kit.

The first day you saturate dry hair at the roots with Lice Lifters Solution and brush to hair ends– sit for 10 minutes. Wash your hair and clip hair into small sections. Apply Lice Lifters Mousse to the part and comb with the micro-grooved comb in all 4 directions scraping the scalp and wiping on a white paper towel. Comb each section until the paper towel is clear and move to the next section. This system works!

At-Home Treatments That Don’t Work

The internet and friends will share tales of treatments that work, but for the most part, the treatment didn’t work it was the combing that worked.  Research into many of these remedies has produced inconclusive results. Scientists have frequently found that home remedies for lice do not work and may not meet safety standards.

It is important for people considering these remedies to speak with a doctor, review the evidence, and weigh the benefits and risks of at-home treatment. Although doctors continue to debate the effects of home remedies for lice, they agree that a person can take nonmedical measures to reduce the spread of lice and prevent them from returning.

Kerosene, Alcohol, and Listerine

These are unsafe treatments for many reasons. Alcohol can absorb into the skin kerosene is highly flammable and Listerine also contains alcohol. If alcohol comes in contact with a raw scalp it would be painful, not to mention how dangerous it is if it gets into the eyes

Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Anise Oil, Petroleum Jelly, and Mayonnaise

Mommy Bloggers suggest using Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Mayonnaise. Parents are instructed to leave these “treatments” on the head overnight.  The problem is 1) The treatment does nothing to remove the nits and 2) once the ingredients are placed on the head, they will thin out after they reach the body’s core temperature. A louse can also hold its breath for up to 8 hours and can clear its breathing mechanisms when it liquefies. Tea tree oil may be considered an endocrine disruptor, so caution is advised before considering use on children. 3) It is very messy.


The Cetaphil treatment is a very difficult treatment to have success with. It is very labor intensive and we haven’t heard of anyone that has been successful in getting rid of lice with Cetaphil. It thins out just like the oils so the louse can clear their breathing mechanisms and live another day to lay more eggs. If there is any success with this treatment it is due to the combing.

Wet Combing

The whole head of hair needs to be combed every day for 14 days using a high-quality micro-grooved Nit comb. It is easiest if the hair is wet to remove lice and nits. If any nits are left in the hair they will hatch, fertilize and lay more eggs. If a couple of nits are left in the hair you will continue the lice outbreak.

It is difficult to treat yourself by combing every strand of hair on your head. Some children mostly boys don’t like the feeling of having their head scraped with the comb and flinch and that section isn’t treated. There are too many chances of error with just wet combing and time consuming to comb everyone for 2 weeks.


The idea behind this method is that the acetic acid in vinegar works to break down the shells and natural adhesive that glues nits to the hair shaft. However, a study showed that vinegar was ineffective in treating head lice. If this method worked there would be no more lice due to how cheap vinegar is.

Lice Lifters Home Treatment

Lice Lifters offers the same great product they use in their treatment centers to be used at home to eliminate lice. Lice Lifters products can be purchased on Amazon.com and Walmart.com.

It is important to treat the whole family at the same time. You may think someone is clear and not want to treat them, but unless a professional does a head check they should be treated. Lice move very quickly when the hair is parted and is easy to miss and nits are so tiny. We all have over 150,000 strands of hair on our heads we don’t want to make the mistake of leaving any nits behind to become future bugs.

Do home remedies work?

Research into the effectiveness of home remedies for lice is ongoing. The available data are not conclusive. A major concern about home remedies is that they may not permanently eliminate lice, which translates into they do not work. A study of numerous natural remedies found that in most cases, lice infestations returned within 2–8 weeks of treatment.

Which means the home remedies don’t work if the study shows lice return in a couple of weeks? The conclusion should be that nits are left on the head and hatch to become lice that lay more eggs and the whole lice process begins again.


Home remedies are often very messy and suggest leaving them on the head for hours and sometimes overnight. Putting plastic wrap, plastic bags, and shower caps on for an extended period is dangerous. If you fall asleep it can slip and cause suffocation.

A person can take steps to prevent the spread of lice and reduce the risk of re-infestation.

  • Wash and dry bedding, clothing, and other fabrics that a person with lice has used in the 2 days before treatment. Washing at a temperature above 130 °F will generally kill the insects. More importantly, dry at high heat for at least 30 minutes.
  • You no longer have to bag items for 2 weeks. Lice can’t survive off of the head for longer than 2 days.
  • Soak combs, brushes, and other hair care items in hot water for 5–10 minutes, or put them in the freezer overnight.
  • Vacuuming the furniture, floor, and other surfaces that may contain lice. Lice die quickly when they are not on a person, so there is no need to pay for expensive deep cleaning services. Nits cannot reattach or survive off of the head.
  • Avoiding sharing brushes or combs.
  • Discourage children from sharing items that touch their hair putting their heads together, especially if there has been a recent lice outbreak at their school.

It is important to refrain from using fumigant sprays, which are not necessary to eliminate lice and can be dangerous.  Live do not live in your house just on your head.

Market Improvements and Expansion

A recent article name Lice Lifters as a major player in the head lice treatment formulation market. Fact.MR suggests that companies can add Spinosad-based formulations to their portfolios to overcome the challenges concerning the use of permethrin that causes mutations in head lice.


Lice are highly contagious, and anyone can get them. Having lice does not mean that a person has bad hygiene or is otherwise unhealthy. Lice are not typically dangerous, but an infestation can be uncomfortable, and because they are so contagious, prompt treatment is essential.

There is an increasing demand for natural hair care products and for manufacturers to introduce plant-based formulations into the lice treatment market. Lice Lifters has done this for 15 years. There is no need for any other product, but Lice Lifters. Lice Lifters has no side effects and is safe for the entire family. Babies and pregnant mothers are safe with our all-natural products.

The side effects of chemical-based formulations are further driving the demand for plant-based products for head lice treatment. Lice Lifters has seen the shift, but the manufacturers of these new products are not providing enough products in their packaging. Therefore, additional purchases of products need to be made at a high cost. Lice Lifters provides enough product to make you lice-free!

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