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The Perfect Prescription for Head Lice Removal

Did you know getting rid of lice can be as simple, quick, and painless as sitting for a haircut—without having to shave or shear a single lock?

Lice Lifters uses state-of-the-art techniques and patented products to eliminate 99.9% of lice and nits (microscopic lice eggs). While this level of precision may seem excessive, we’re ‘nit-picky’ for a reason: if even a small percentage of nits remain on the scalp, a new population of lice soon emerges, and the infestation breaks out all over again. Unfortunately, through years of repeated exposure to over-the-counter treatments, lice have developed an immunity to most conventional treatments. (And no, Mayonnaise doesn’t work.)

Not only are these over-the-counter treatments growing less effective by the year, (one recent study reported 75% of head lice are now immune) the noxious chemicals used in over-the-counter shampoos and sprays damage your scalp, can be toxic to children, and only kill a percentage of lice populations. (Did you know the two most common ingredients in over-the-counter lice treatments, pyrethrin and permethrin, are also sold in industrial-strength insecticides, with side effects ranging from blurred vision to irritation of the respiratory passages, runny nose, coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting and diarrhea? (Yikes!)

At Lice Lifters, all of our products are derived from naturally sourced ingredients, are non-toxic, and safe to use on every member of your family, from you and your spouse down to your smallest toddler—and since all of our centers come equipped with WiFi, movies, a separate play area, and free snacks, lice won’t be the only thing we keep out of your hair!

Each of our facilities is designed with you and your family in mind: from inspection to treatment, to post-treatment care and prevention, everything we do at Lice Lifters ensures prompt, professional solutions for you and your family’s hair care needs.
While some of our competitors rely on untrained, unqualified, and oftentimes unreliable staff to treat their patients, Lice Lifters allows only Certified Technicians to serve you and your family.

We promise to have you and your family inspected, treated, lice-free, and out-the-door in less than two hours. In fact, we’re so confident in our products, methods, and skilled technicians that we offer a complete 30-day guarantee on all our in-clinic services.

Not only is our lice treatment safe, quick, and guaranteed to effectively eliminate your headaches, we gladly work with most insurance agencies and accept most FSA/HSA accounts. No insurance? Just write a letter of medical necessity to your local clinic for reimbursement assistance. From the head lice to the headaches, we take care of it all!

So stop pulling out your hair in frustration: Call Lice Lifters today!

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