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Mint Leaf Lice Treatment Spray

The Power of Peppermint increases students grades!

Are your kids tired at school? Are you worried about head lice? A study at the University of Cincinnati found that the scent of mint improves focus, alertness, grades and overall performance. Lice Lifters has the answer to this along with deterring lice our Mint Spray scent will wake your kids’ right up.

All studies show that mint deters lice and improves overall test scores so go to Lice Lifters in Cranford and pick up a bottle of Lice Lifters Mint Spray today. Just a couple of spritzes will keep the lice away and keep your child alert all day.

Let Lice Lifters in Cranford help your child’s grades improve. Go to Lice Lifters of Cranford today to pick up a bottle of Mint Spray 908-967-6121!!! All Lice Lifters Products always available on Amazon.

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