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Caring For Camps

Lice Lifters Detection and Education Program for Summer Camps

Lice Lifters is America’s best lice treatment service that has proudly served the communities they work in for more than seven years now. We understand how frustrating a problem with lice can be and want to help as many people as possible. We work fast to offer a solution that works for your family’s needs. Our proven treatments kill all head lice using an all-natural, safe solution that prevents future lice re-infestation.

Community Outreach

We offer education and outreach aid to help prevent and treat throughout the United States Of America. We’ve done this at schools for years already but have now expanded our service locations. When we visit schools, we check all students and staff for head lice and provide education and information about this problem. We want everyone in the community to know that they are not alone and that our proven treatment solutions quickly remedy the problem.

Summer Camps

“Caring for Camps” is another outreach program we offer. Designed to educate parents and children about head lice and provide them with confidence in treatment, the summer camps outreach program sends out one of our lice technicians to check the heads of all campers and staff for head lice. Summer camp adds many more risks and worries of head lice. Rest assured that Lice Lifters is here to reduce your worry and help provide the excitement that a camp should offer.

Give us a call to schedule a professional lice check at your camp or if want us to come out to provide education and information to kids, parents, and camp staffers. Summer is the perfect time of the year to spread lice and in a summer camp setting, it happens quickly. Ask any of the more than 6 – 12 million families affected by lice every single year. We’ll make sure that everyone in America knows how to protect themselves against head lice when we come out to camp to offer our services. Give us a call to arrange services today.