Pictures Of Head Lice

Pictures of Head Lice and Louse EggsWhat to look for if you suspect lice.

Head Lice can affect anyone – kids and adults. How do you know if you have head lice or just dandruff? How can you identify a louse in your hair, lice eggs or a major infestation that requires treatment?

Please use our interactive gallery to view pictures of head lice. Click the arrows or swipe to scroll through, or click on a picture to view the gallery slideshow.


What to do if you have or suspect you have head lice?

Don't Panic!

Stay Calm! You’re not alone – many people get lice and no one is exempt from getting lice. There are options for treatments available. The best option? Lice Lifters® treatment centers & Lice Lifters lice treatment products!

Call Lice Lifters

With Head Lice Treatment Clinics in 6 states (and growing), you can easily find a treatment center near you. Call and speak to a lice removal specialist and set an appointment with one of our certified lice removal technicians.

One Treatment, Done!

Through the proven effective Lice Lifters® process, one quick treatment at any of our Lice Treatment Clinics and you’re lice free. We also have Lice Lifters solution and treatment products available in all our treatment salons.

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