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Lice Lifters Lice Solution Treatment

Lice Lifters Lice Treatment Kit is effective lice treatment for the whole family with additional bottles of Lice Lifters Treatment Solution. The kit includes 1 bottle of Lice Lifters Treatment Solution (eliminates all live bugs), 1 bottle of Lice Lifters Lice and Nit Removal Mousse (along with the comb removes bugs and nits) and Lice Lifters Micro-Grooved comb. The ingredients are all-natural with no chemicals and safe to be used by the whole family including babies and pregnant women. Safe for color treated hair. You can be successful treating your family at home without chemicals, pesticides or toxins in just 10 minutes. Noncontagious in seconds after the first treatment. There are detailed directions to make your family lice-free. We also always offer help through email, website, or Facebook to eliminate all lice and super-lice.
  • Non-toxic Safe
  • 99.9% Effective
  •  Provides enough product to eliminate lice in minutes
  • Best nit comb provided in any treatment kit
  • Simple 3-step treatment at home
  • Skin test confirmed no irritant or sensitivity
  • Efficacy tested for effectiveness
  • Treatment takes 10 minutes
  • Step-by-Step Treatment Directions