Lice Lifters Education Program

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LiceLifters Detection and Education Program

Does your school’s PTO, PTA, or HSA invite speakers to your facility? Give them Lice Lifters telephone number and let us come to your school to provide a gift to students and parents. Knowledge is power, especially when dealing with an issue as frustrating as lice. So many myths are out there, which only worsens the misinformation out there. After attending our educational lice preventative program, parents, educators, and students can keep lice worries out of their minds -and their heads.

What is the Lice Detection and Education Program?

Our 30-minute lice detection and education program aims to help children, parents, and educators learn more about lice, how to treat them, how to prevent them, the best treatment options, and more. Our informative presentation is put on by one of our certified live technicians who can also answer questions once the presentation is complete. We also offer every attendee many handouts to further educate them about lice.

Lice checks are an important part of lice prevention and treatment. Since lice are so prominent at schools, it is essential that educators know the correct way to check for head lice and that it is done regularly. A small problem is much easier to defeat than a large problem that has affected many students. Early detection is possible after our educational program.

What’s the Catch?

We offer this program as a community outreach service. There is no catch or strings attached. Simply request a program and we’ll come out to your school. It is our gift to you. As lice treatment technicians, we see every day how greatly lice affects children and their families. With our service, we hope to provide kids and parents a glimmer of hope and happiness when all seems dark and gloomy. There is nothing to buy, no appointments to schedule, no commitment.

Call Lice Lifters today to schedule a program in the near future at your school. We’d love to speak at your facility and offer your students and their parents the gift of expert lice prevention and treatment.