Should they stay or should they go?

Many school districts new guidelines state that parents no longer have to pick kids up from school when diagnosed with head lice. They feel that one treatment with a pesticide based over the counter product is enough to get them back in class. The CDC, Schools and Doctors say kids are missing too much class time because of lice.

One problem is schools and doctors are not the experts on lice. Lice Lifters in New Jersey is the expert. Lice Lifters of Cranford knows how to treat head lice and clean-up the house and classroom. The Schools are steam cleaning the classrooms. This is a waste of time and money. Lice want to live on the head not a desk. Another problem is students are not being treated properly. One family treats their family at Lice Lifters and is 100% lice free. They send their child clear of lice back to school and another child was treated with over the counter pesticides. Both moms treated their children, but the child treated with OTC Nix or Rid may still have lice. (lice are resistant to pesticides) Now that child continues to spread lice and gives it back to the “cleared” child. It is a viscous cycle.

Make sure your child is lice free by going to Lice Lifters in Cranford – North Jersey. 908-967-6121