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Head Check

The first step in any treatment process is the diagnosis, and this is our first order of business at Lice Lifters. This is a critical step where we verify that lice are, in fact, the problem afflicting you or your child. Our knowledgeable and compassionate lice technician will do this by performing a head check with a lice comb. If our certified technician discovers lice, we’ll inform you of your treatment options and apply the price of the head check toward the cost of the treatment option you select.

Lice Lifters Treatment

Our guaranteed treatment process begins with one of our certified technicians applying our Lice Lifters Mousse to the hair and scalp, which stuns the lice and loosens the nits, which are the lice eggs. This is a critical step since nits are attached to the base of hair follicles with a glue-like substance by the female louse making them very hard to remove. This makes our comb-out utilizing a specialized lice comb much more effective at removing the nits. We’ll then apply our Lice Lifters Solution that will kill any remaining live lice activity in your hair.

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What Makes Our Lice Lifters Treatment Different From The Rest?

All of our lice removal salon products are 100 percent natural and perfectly safe for everyday use. You can purchase these products as well as at-home kits at our treatment center. You can also be confident that our products will work on all head lice. Even so-called “super lice” that have grown immune to the toxins in other head lice products won’t stand a chance against our all-natural, completely effective products.

At Lice Lifters, we accept Health Savings Account and Flex-Spending Account credit or debit cards for payment. Even though lice treatment is not a service most health insurance plans will reimburse you for, we will supply you with the treatment and diagnostic codes in case your insurance company does cover it for you.

The Lice Lifters Difference