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Be Careful Taking Selfies: Lice Can Spread This Way

At Lice Lifters we say possibly both. When people squish their heads together to pose for a selfie for an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pictures they may be capturing more than a shining moment for posterity – HEAD LICE. At Lice Lifters we have seen a dramatic uptick in the incidence of lice among young people, and we believe it is due, to all that head bumping for selfie snaps.

Head lice are spread through head-to-head contact. Lice don’t jump or fly, so you actually have to touch heads. We ask a lot of questions at Lice Lifters and every teen admits that they are taking selfies every day. Now with IPhone, selfies, picture taking and IPads there is more head to head contact than ever. It’s not just social media who love the proliferation of selfies, Lice are fans too. We love that kids and families have fun together, but one cute selfie and you may find yourself with Lice.

If you get lice, don’t be embarrassed, research show that about 6 to 12 million kids in the U.S get lice each year. And those are only the reported cases. Don’t be tempted to use Rx over the counter insecticide products; they are toxic and proven to no longer to work. Lice have become resistant to these traditional methods, not only are lice surviving, but they are becoming stronger thus “Super Lice”.

There has been a new study recently, all over the news and seen on The Today Show that suggests these resistance genes are being spread throughout the whole United States. They studied 109 lice populations from 30 states, each population representing insects from several people. What was found was proof of the insecticide resistance, 104 out of the 109 populations (95%) contained lice that retained the genes. This study proved that traditional over the counter products like Nix and Rid no longer work.

Doctors still recommend them because they have not been educated on the change. These pesticide based product are worse than using RAID. It can be extremely dangerous to apply pesticides to your child’s head, studies show links to cancer, seizures and in some cases death.

Lice Lifters is an all-natural lice treatment center and has recently expanded into Coral Springs Florida on Wiles Road. Lice Lifters has created an all-natural product line to treat families naturally. Lice cannot become resistant to our treatment.

Make an appointment today for a head check 954-933-5356 www.liceliftersflorida.com. Lice Lifters is the only treatment center that uses a killing agent that suffocates all live activity.

The whole family can be treated at one time by our team of certified technicians. Let Lice Lifters make you feel safe to take those SELFIES again!

Michele Barrack, founder and owner of Lice Lifters Franchising LLC. Michele opened the first Lice Lifters franchise in 2010 and has expanded to 12 franchises. She plans to open 4 more treatment centers by 2016.

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