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Lice Lifters Franchise Opportunities

The Fastest Growing Lice Treatment Clinic Franchise in the United States

Lice Lifters® Lice Treatment Centers are dedicated to the treatment and removal of head lice and is the first lice treatment center franchise in the country. Lice Lifters® has been featured in many media outlets such as; newspapers, business journals, entrepreneur websites, TV news, entertainment programs and Dr. OZ. We work on more exposure every day, having become the most popular lice removal franchise business in the United States.

Why You Should Be A Lice Lifters Owner

Lice Lifters Vs. Lice Clinic of America

Lice LiftersLice Clinics of America
Franchise Fee$35,000$42,000
2nd Center Fee$25,000$39,000
RoyaltiesLower Royalties 5%High Royalties 18%
TerritoriesLarge TerritoriesSaturate Territories with LCA
TrainingIn person training includes both owners and employees2 days in Salt Late City for the owners and online for their employees
Lice Removal SystemComprehensive combining component removing nitsNits left in hair — School nurses send kids home
Not a Medical IssueLice is a nuisance, not even taught in medical schoolFocuses on lice as a medical issue and seeking doctors advice
Type of Treatment Center LocationHigh visibility — Good for advertising and ease of finding center. Additional revenue from walk-ins for treatment a product purchases.No visibility — Office buildings employees who treat are on call

A Better Quality Of Life

Owning and operating your own Lice Lifters® franchise offers the opportunity to be successful, help those in need (and often very upset), as well as give you flexibility to be with your family. Lice Lifters is a family friendly atmosphere and so rewarding!

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