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Lice Removal Products

Our Effective and Natural Lice Removal Products

The Whole Family Deserves One Healthy Effective Solution for Lice and Nit Treatment. Lice Lifters Nit and Lice Removal Comb was designed to effectively remove lice without damaging the user's hair or scalp.The comb is gentle on every user, while it's helical micro-toothed bristle design effectively captures and removes lice and their eggs from the hair and scalp. Our Lice Lifters products are all natural and safe for the whole family. Every product from Lice Lifters is used and approved by our lice treatment technicians, using the best techniques for removing lice once and for all. The comb is easy to clean and reuse; submerge it in boiled soapy water to sterilize it.

Lice Lifters Lice Treatment Kit is effective lice treatment for the whole family with additional bottles of Lice Lifters Treatment Solution. The kit includes 1 bottle of Lice Lifters Treatment Solution (eliminates all live bugs), 1 bottle of Lice Lifters Lice and Nit Removal Mousse (along with the comb removes bugs and nits) and Lice Lifters Micro-Grooved comb.

Lice Lifters Lice Solution Treatment is a soothing blend of oils that quickly eliminates all stages of live lice. This 10-minute treatment is conditioning to your hair and scalp while helping you with your situation. It is also safe and effective to use everyday. Lice Lifters Treatment is all natural and if used properly it works every time.

Lice Lifters Mint Lice Prevention Spray and Detangler 8oz. All-Natural and Highly Effective Daily Repellent , LONG LASTING, CHEMICAL FREE: Lice do not like the smell of mint our specialized formula helps deter head lice. Lice Lifters Mint Spray is safe to use as often as necessary. DETANGLES HAIR: Lice Lifters Mint Spray not only deters lice but it conditions and detangles hair. SMELLS GREAT: Lice are repelled by the mint, but humans love the smells. EASY TO USE: Just a spray a day keeps the lice away.

Lice Lifters Shampoo

Mint Deterrent Repel Shampoo combines peppermint, essential oils and natural ingredients to prevent and repel lice. Gentle enough to use every day to sooth the scalp, hydrate and clean all hair types. Natural peppermint herb is proven to keep bugs away; peppermint naturally deters lice eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals. It contains no toxins, pesticides or harsh chemicals making it safe for everyone to use every day. It is most effective when used in conjunction with Lice Lifters Mint Deterrent Repel Conditioner and Mint Deterrent Detangler Spray.

Lice Lifters Conditioner

Gently conditions and creates silky soft hair. Gentle enough to use everyday. Peppermint safely keeps the bugs away. Peppermint is the only natural herb proven to deter lice. Gluten free - soy free - Dairy free

Lice Prevention Shampoo and Conditioner that deters Lice and Eggs. Cleans and Conditions Scalp while safeguarding against lice - Peppermint Essential Oil - Use Daily

Stain Lifters Enzyme cleaner: This pack includes 1 bottle containing 32 ounces of original concentrated Stain Lifters enzyme cleaner. Effective on laundry and hard-to-reach surfaces like corners, cracks, tile grouting, and other crevices.

Stain Lifters Enzyme cleaner: This pack includes 1 bottle containing 16 ounces of original concentrated Stain Lifters enzyme cleaner. Effective on laundry and hard-to-reach surfaces like corners, cracks, tile grouting, and other crevices.

What Makes Our Lice Lifters Treatment Different From The Rest?

All Natural

Client Testimonials

I have to say as much as his stuff grosses me out! I got a real education on head lice! The staff here; Trish, Hilary and Lisa were simply the best! Didn't rush, answered every question to the fullest! I would recommend anyone coming here and no where else! Peace of mind on my head check! Squeaky clean for me! Thank you everyone - Natalie Hopkins
The staff here is so friendly! They make you feel welcome and they thoroughly explain the process! They also take time to answer messages on their personal time when the office is closed! You can tell they ACTUALLY care because they don’t just try to sell you product to make money they suggest the product/ service that will work best for you! I would recommend lice lifters 100% to help get rid of lice in you or your children!!! They are just absolutely amazing! - Gwen Smith
The BEST place ever! AMAZING staff.The ladies here make you feel so comfortable and put your mind at ease. I would not go anywhere else. Thanks again Lice Lifters - Jewels F
Best place to know, nicest staff, Trish and Lisa were awesome! Nothing can give you more relief than to know somebody who can help you when you find out your child may have lice. I knew where to call thanks to a friend of mine, and all I can say is THANK YOU LICE LIFTERS! - Vanessa Briceno
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