Lice Lifters Florida

We are better than a Mobile Lice Removal Service.

At our treatment salons,we can treat your whole family, all at once.

BANNERDon’t Overpay Mobile Lice Treatment Prices!

Head lice is bothersome to all who have contracted it, and we want to get rid of it as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

At our Lice Treatment and Removal Centers, we have certified technicians that implement a non-toxic lice removal service that is highly effective.

Welcome to Lice Lifters – The Leaders in All-Natural Lice Treatment.

When lice invades your classroom, daycare or home it is important to know that all “nit pickers” are not created equal, Lice Lifters Lice Treatment uses an all natural agent to treat lice.

Most do not use a killing agent for the bugs and with just combing,they might leave two or more nits in the hair. This will start the cycle all over again!

With just one trip to one of our  treatment center, the nits will be gone, and the itching will stop. When you feel your child has lice, our lice treatment centers are the only place you need to visit for effective and safe removal.


Protect Your Family - Eliminate Lice Now!

Contact Lice Lifters today and set your appointment of one of our many Lice Treatment Centers to remove lice today! Safe, non-toxic and effective. One treatment and you're done.