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What To Do When Nothing Seems to Work

Whether you’ve discovered head lice on your child’s head on your own or received a letter from a school nurse about it, this is never a fun time for any parent. You may be aware that lice are not dangerous since they don’t transmit disease. That being said, the thought of tiny, parasitic bugs crawling around on your little one’s head feeding off the blood under their scalp can creep anyone out.


If you are like most parents, you may have tried a number of things to rid your infested family members of head lice. One standard move is to run out to the drug store and get some off-the-shelf lice shampoo. These have pesticides in them that are supposed to kill lice.

Other parents might take a do-it-yourself, natural approach toward most problems. They might start combing the internet for natural or home remedies to kill these little buggers. Many of these remedies seem to focus on suffocating the live lice.


There are a number of reasons that an attempted head lice treatment might fail. In the case of the off-the-shelf lice shampoo approach, many lice have grown immune to the pesticides in these products since they’ve been used for so many years. While not applying a treatment correctly can certainly be a reason the treatment fails, no amount of correct application will help if what you’re using simply doesn’t do the job.

To treat head lice, it helps to know their life cycle. They start out as eggs, which are called nits. After about 7 days, they hatch and become nymphs, which are juvenile lice. These can then take a week to 10 days to become adult lice. Because many remedies purportedly only kill live lice, it’s a frequent recommendation that a second treatment be done after a week and perhaps even another one at 14 days after the initial treatment. Again, correctly applying a treatment assumes that what you’re doing will work even if correctly applied. If you’re tired of guesswork when it comes to eliminating head lice, there may be a better approach for you.


Just as there are auto repair shops when your car breaks down or dentist offices when you get a cavity, there are lice businesses you can go to that treat head lice professionally. Some of these may be a lice removal franchise, and some may be independent businesses. Most of these head lice removal services will only do head lice treatment, so you know they must be relatively proficient at it in order to stay in business.


Lice Lifters is the name of just such a lice removal franchise. This lice business has locations in six states, and if you’re lucky, there may be one near you. They even have opportunities for those looking to get into the business side of getting rid of lice. There’s certainly no shortage of parents around the country who have no idea how to effectively deal with this problem.

Lice Lifters utilizes a treatment process that consists of 100 percent safe and all-natural products. This includes a professional nit removal comb to thoroughly remove the lice and their nits. They also have liquid products that they use. One of these is applied to the hair and scalp before doing a comb-out, and it softens the bond that attaches nits to hair strands while also stunning the lice to make both easier to remove. Another product is a 99.9 percent effective killing solution that is applied to take care of any lice that escaped the comb-out. Whether you are just looking for an effective, affordable lice treatment in your area or thinking about going into business for yourself with a head lice removal franchise, Lice Lifters may be just the solution you’re looking for.

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