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Separating Myths From Facts About Head Lice

If you’re a parent, head lice are one of those annoyances you may find yourself having to deal with at some point. They are notorious for spreading among children, which is why they make up the biggest percentage of the 6 to 12 million outbreaks a year in the U.S. reported by the CDC. Knowledge is the first line of defense in dealing with any problem, and there are a number of myths out there about head lice.


  • Your kids can catch head lice from pets – Actually, the species of lice that infest humans are only able to feed off us, so we can’t give them to our pets, and they can’t give them to us.
  • Lice can jump from one child to another – Lice do not have the strong hind legs that would be required to be able to jump. They also lack wings, which kills another myth you may have heard that they can fly.
  • Head lice spread deadly diseases – One of the few bits of good news about lice is that they are not known to transmit disease.
  • Only people with bad hygiene get head lice – This rumor may feed into the embarrassment that some parents feel when they discover that their kids have lice. Lice are able to live on your child’s scalp whether their hair is clean or dirty, so spare yourself the embarrassment.


There are not too many ways to prevent the spread of head lice. Since they can’t jump or fly and can’t live long away from a human scalp where they feed on blood, they are primarily spread by the hair or head of an infested person touching that of another. Since kids are constantly coming into contact when sharing secrets or playing or squeezing together for a selfie, this is one reason lice are rampant among them. Basically, the main way to prevent the spread of them is to tell your kids to keep head-to-head contact to a minimum, and any children you have with long hair should tie it back or put it up.

Occasionally, lice can be spread by your child using a comb, hat, scarf, helmet or other item used by someone with lice. Since lice only live for about 24 hours away from their feeding ground of the human scalp, this transmission would have to take place within a day. Though this method of contagion is rarer, it may still be worth ensuring your kid has their own hat or helmet for any sports they play.


If you’ve discovered that any of your kids have lice, you may not be sure how to deal with it. Some parents run to their local store to get lice shampoo only to find out that these have been used for so many years that many lice have grown immune to them. Home remedies are another option that you may be considering if you’ve tried over-the-counter remedies to no avail, but these are also fraught with problems. Not the least of these problems is the fact that the application of most home remedies can be so involved that it might seem worse than the lice. Fortunately, as with many problems in life, there is a professional solution to the problem of head lice.

Lice Lifters is a chain of lice salons with locations in six states, and we have perfected the process of head lice removal. All of our salons use methods and products that are 100 percent safe and all-natural, unlike the toxins used in retail lice shampoos, and we ensure your satisfactory results with our Lice Lifters Guarantee. Best of all, we get the job done in one visit, so if you discover your children have lice, bring them into one of our locations for a head lice treatment that’s fast, effective, and affordable.

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